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The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience is an organization for the exchange of students at institutions of higher education wishing to obtain technical experience abroad.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, work is being done remotely by email only.

IAESTE is a non-political, independent and non-governmental association, consisting of national committees in more than 80 countries.


IAESTE Incoming

Welcome to Russia!

The IAESTE Russia National Committee welcomes you to Russia. This page will help you get accustomed to being in a new country and will give some specific information about living in Russia. This training program will give you an opportunity to gain experience in your field of study, meet new friends, learn the Russian culture and practice the Russian language.


For entrance to Russia you need a visa!

Part I

1.1. An Invitation letter is required in order to receive the visa from the nearest Russian Consulate.
1.2. In order to apply for the Invitation letter IAESTE Russia requires (please, send these documents with «Student nominated Form»):
- A scan copy of your passport. The passport should be valid, at least, 1,5 year from the date of your presumable departure from Russia.
- Full name and address of your University.
1.3. You will receive the Invitation letter from your National Committee normally 2 weeks before your arrival to Russia.

Part II

2.1. After the Invitation letter is prepared by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, IAESTE Russia will send the following documents to your National Committee by email:
- Invitation letter;
- N/5-Forms;
- A Supporting letter from IAESTE Russia asking for a fast process of obtaining a visa without taking a fee. (The final decision lies at the discretion of the Russian Consulate).
2.2. When you visit the Russian Consulate you are required to have the Invitation letter and the Supporting letter from IAESTE Russia with you (N/5-Forms are not needed).
2.3. Regarding the period of your traineeship we propose, that you apply for a visa which starts two days before and ends two days after your traineeship.
2.4. In case you need to arrive earlier or stay longer you should contact IAESTE Russia and get our permission before visiting the Consulate, because IAESTE Russia is responsible for you during your stay in Russia.

Part III

3.1. The Migration Card should be filled upon entering Russia.
3.2. The next working day after your arrival in Russia, the following documents must be given to IAESTE Russia or local committee for the registration in Moscow:
- Your passport with visa;
- Migration Card;
3.3. The procedure of registration in Moscow lasts approximately two weeks. During this time you will receive a document confirming that your passport has been taken for registration.
3.4. You should always carry your passport or the document confirming that your passport is taken for registration with you.
3.5. You should return the registration form to IAESTE Russia or local committee 2 days before your departure.


IAESTE Outgoing

In February we publish all available job offers on the web. Often there are early offers, and many offers are available till late summer.

We need following documents from you:
1. Application
2. Curriculum vitae
3. List of subjects studied
4. Language certificate
5. 3 passport fotos
6. Copy of passport!
7. The Inquiry from the university

Example of completing documents:
1. Curriculum Vitae
2. List of subjects


Photo who have already visited Russia

IAESTE Incoming


You can enter Russia by plane, train or bus. After getting your visa and purchasing your ticket, inform our IAESTE Russia National Committee about your arrival by sending a fax or e-mail.


Accommodation is provided for you usually in student dormitories by IAESTE Russia or Local Committee or the company. It is free of charge. After you are comfortable and adjusted to your new living arrangement, the member of IAESTE Russia will help you to get in touch with your employer.

Note: There is no heating in Moscow from April till the middle of October.


Local calls You can get a SIM card of local operators, the most popular in Moscow are: MTS, Megafon, Beeline and Tele2.

International calls Via popular messengers WhatsApp, Telegram etc.

Internet When buying a local sim card, the mobile internet package is included.


Before you leave, make certain that you are insured against illness, accident and death during the whole duration of your stay in Russia.


Usually it’s warm and sunny in Moscow in summer. The average summer temperature is around 20-25°C. The normal winter temperature in Moscow is usually around -4° C to -7°C and often even milder. Winds are moderate, the air is dry.


You will find a large selection of goods in the shops which are characteristic of our country including handicrafts and manufactured goods. Handicrafts make splendid souvenirs: wood carvings, painted wooden articles, and ceramics.

You will be attracted by matreshka (wooden dolls, painted in bright colors and polished).


There are the following transport facilities in Moscow:

Underground the single fare is 60 Rbl., which covers any distance and all transfers to other lines. Trains run from 5:30 to 1:00 a.m.

Electro busses, trolleybuses, trams, buses run from 6:00 to 1:00. The single fare regardless of distance is 60 Rbl.

Route taxis there are many route taxis (mini-buses), which run between the main squares, railway stations and other important points. It is the best to use metro as the fastest and most comfortable transport facility.


There will be many great cultural programs planned for your enjoyment while you are staying in Russia.


 International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience

*Due to the coronavirus pandemic, work is being done remotely by email only.

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